“Anelare” is Italian for “desire” or “yearn for,” and it is a fitting description of our low-allocation, premium winery—both before production began and now that the seventh vintage is available to club members. We desired to create a bottle of wine that you would be proud to uncork during special occasions with close friends and family … and soon, you will be yearning for more. The majority of Anelare wines are not available in stores or restaurants, so the only way to partake in the rare pleasure of our limited production varietals is to become a member of the Anelare Wine Club. With the release of our seventh vintage, select wines are available for public purchase and distribution.

This is just the beginning for Anelare. In coming years, we envision slowly growing our production with an eye to quality. We envision our own future tasting room and small production/barrel facility for our members & customers to take benefit in! We are very excited to take the next step and wholeheartedly thank our loyal supporters, family & friends!

Become a club member now and you can share in the vision. What do you desire?