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Kahryn Campbell




Kahryn grew up in the Tri Cities and has a passion for the great community in which she resides. Her education is in business and marketing, and her love for wine and the industry has helped develop Anelare.  Along with the winery team, Kahryn runs the day to day business and enjoys the process from vineyard to bottle! She has two children (son Landon (13) and daughter Reese (12), who were just babies when this journey began. The family has planted their roots in Benton City to showcase their beautiful wines to the world, and give visitors a first class experience of Washington's wine industry.  You may also spot their Labradoodle, Charlie on your visit to Benton City’s tasting room.

A little from more from Kahryn:

"Family business runs deep in my blood, moreover team Anelare’s blood. Starting at a young age, I was taught that hard work and patience can and will create great things… ok a lot of these two! I had the opportunity to work at my Grandfather and Father’s doctors' office for many years, filing, answering phones, and much more. I also was able to clean the shop for my uncles’ amazing business with my cousins as a kid. Stocked shelves and ran around my Grandmother’s local boutique, watching my aunts create and run the business. I’ve watched my Mother and her sisters create relationships that last a lifetime with their careers as hair stylists. Our General Manager at Anelare comes from an iconic family business in Kennewick and a very strong history in Washington wine. I feel incredibly lucky and blessed to have such great examples in my life and carry on the legacy of small business. I hope to convey this passion to my children, wherever life may take them. The neat part is watching how all these businesses have evolved and stayed the course, in the good times and hard times. Watching the evolution of dear people in my life grow in their careers and families.

We live in such a wonderful community where this is just the beginning for Washington wine.  Will be exciting to see what continues to unfold for our industry.  Cheers to the dream, hard work, creation; and to all of those that come into Anelare and enjoy the fruit of our efforts."

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General Manager

General Manager

Kim Gravenslund, General Manager at Anelare Wines, thrives on challenges, particularly those that engage the members but also the local wine enthusiasts. Some of her primary responsibilities are wine club management, special events and brand positioning. Prior to joining Anelare Wines, she served in the General Manager role for another family run winery for nearly a decade. Notable in her many years of service in the wine industry includes her various volunteer activities with the Washington Association of Wine Grape Growers, Washington Wine Commission, Visit Tri-Cities, and Wine Yakima Valley.  

Kim’s greatest strengths are her creativity, drive and thoughtfulness. Kim holds a  degree in nursing, which she pursued for many years before jumping into the wine business initially as something to do on her days off. She also incorporates her technology skills into website building, communication and graphics.  She lives in Kennewick with her husband John. In her free time, Kim enjoys gardening, interior decorating and sharing wine with her many friends.



Charlie Hoppes, who is an acclaimed Columbia Valley vintner whose first crush here was in 1988. He was named Winemaker of the Year in 2013, by Seattle Magazine’s Washington Wine Awards.  Charlie works in partnership with Washington’s finest growers to capture the distinct character of the vineyard and the purest expression of the fruit. 

Charlie first became interested in winemaking while working as a flight test engineer in the early 1980’s. After spending some time with white riesling and home winemaking kits, Charlie pursued his passion at University of California, Davis, graduating in 1988.

Since graduation, Charlie has served as the winemaker for a few of Washington’s most recognizable labels. Perhaps most notably, he spent a decade with Chateau Ste. Michelle, first as Assistant Winemaker, then the Head Red Winemaker during the 1990’s.  He then moved on in 2000 and created his own beautiful label and wines called Fidelitas.  Charlie is notably hands on and works hard to artistically create and represent Washington’s finest wines.



Lisa came to Anelare after a 37-year career as an official court reporter, spending her days taking down on machine shorthand everything that was said in the courtroom.  Being practically the only person in the courtroom who couldn't say a word, she enjoys spending time in the tasting room, where she gets to talk to and visit with visitors.  As Lisa will tell anyone who will listen, working at the winery is so different than working in the courtroom setting, where most litigants who walk in the courtroom are miserable and even more miserable when they leave, and most people who visit the winery are happy when they arrive and even happier when they leave!  As she is often heard saying, "No one gets subpoenaed to come to the winery!"

 In addition to pouring fine wines at Anelare, Lisa enjoys spending time with her husband "Captain Ron" and her beloved cocker spaniel Cosmo-Politan, also known as Coz.


Jessica Fahlberg, is a hard worker with a bright and friendly smile. She started in the wine industry in 2016 as a server for another local winery in the area. Her passion for wine and all it entails continues to grow as she tries to learn as much as she can to give her customers the best experience she can offer. 

Being raised in the Tri-Cities, she's lived/traveled all over the country and loves to share her many stories over a bottle of wine with friends. She's a Montessori teacher at a local Catholic school and loves the differences each job offers her. A fresh transplant from Boston, she's happily settling back in to life in Washington with her dog Petey.